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You are expected to attend class regularly and complete assigned
course work to the best of your ability. You are expected
to complete your courses each semester, and maintain regular
progress toward your educational goal.

Course Hours

Courses start at ten minutes after the hour or half-hour, to allow time
for passing between classes. All courses end at the time specified.
You are expected to be in class on time and to remain for the
entire class period. Classes are not automatically dismissed in the
absence of the instructor. Classes are cancelled only by a representative
of the administration. If your class is cancelled, a cancellation
notice will be posted at the room where the class meets.
Attendance Requirements
You are expected to attend all meetings of your courses. When
you are forced to be absent, the reason for the absence should
be reported to your instructor(s) as soon as possible. For day
courses, call the instructor or division offices; for evening, offcampus,
and Saturday courses, call the senior dean of instruction’s
office before 5:00 p.m. (510) 235-7800, ext. 4597, and the
evening supervisor’s office (510) 235-7800, ext. 4230 after 5:00
p.m. and on Saturdays. Please see the front of the catalog for
other offices and phone numbers.
No reason for absence will excuse you from performing required
course work. You will be expected to make up any course
work you missed.
Who May Attend Courses
You may not attend a course unless you are properly enrolled.
You may visit a course in which you are not enrolled with the
consent of the instructor and the senior dean of instruction.
Non-student visitors who wish to visit a course must obtain
the written approval of the senior dean of instruction (AA-203)
or a designated representative.
Contra Costa College allows students to audit courses,
within stated guidelines. Please see "Auditing Courses"
for more information on auditing.
Tape recorders may not be used without the consent of the
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