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CSE, a 2001 Presidential (White House) Award winning program, resides within the Natural, Social and Applied Sciences Division or (NSAS) at Contra Costa College.  The CSE program provides  financial and academic support for students majoring in biological, computer and physical science, technology, mathematics or engineering (STEM fields) at the college. In its thirteenth year, CSE has received grants of $ 2.5 million from the Army Research Office, $ 1.8 million from National Science Foundation (NSF), $ 600K from Department of Education (DoEd) and $ 240K from the University of California Office of President MESA program (UCOP-MESA). The funding pays for student assistant, student stipend, summer research internship stipend, supplies and materials, and academic related activities. 


What are the mission and goals of CSE?


The mission of CSE resonates with the national call for increasing the number of students from the financially and academically disadvantaged groups in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  In order to achieve this mission, the CSE is committed to the following goals:

·         provide strong academic support in biological, computer and physical science, technology, engineering and   

              mathematics via mentoring, workshops and tutoring


·         provide assistance in preparation for a seamless transfer process to universities


·         provide academic breadth activities through seminars, trips and summer internships



Who participates in CSE?


As of Fall 2010, more than 800 students have participated in the program: 642 students on formal basis (receiving stipends) and others on voluntary basis.  Of the 642 stipend recipients, 585 students (91.1%) have transferred to four year schools, 29 (4.52%) are current students and 28 students (4.36%) left the program due to some issues.  See Table I for the distribution of transfer schools.


Table I


Of the 642 students, 47% of the students are females and 53% males.  Of the 585 transfer students who have transferred to baccalaureate degree institutions; 52.4% transferred to UCs, 26.8% to CSUs and the rest to others. Of the 585 alumni, the ethnicity comprises 15.7% African Americans, 20.3% Hispanics, 1% Native Americans, 6.0% Pacific Islanders, 37.6% Asians (including Southeast Asians), 16.2% Caucasians, and the rest to others.  Almost all of the students are first-generation college students and qualify for federal financial aid. The CSE program helps our college achieve incredible success with our STEM students, especially those from the underrepresented minority groups and low-income families by increasing the number of transfer students at the college and helping the college narrow the achievement gap in STEM classes. See Table II for the distribution of the ethnicities.  See Table III for the distribution of student majors.


Table II


 Table III


For a period of eight years and through its Minority Science Engineering Improvement Program grants (MSEIP I 2000-2004, MSEIP II 2007-2011), CSE has placed a total of 112 under-represented minority and low-income STEM students in summer internship placements. Of the 112 summer internship placements, 60 placements were at universities (UC Berkeley, UC Davis, CSU East Bay and Stanford); 36 were at national labs (Lawrence Berkeley, Lawrence Livermore, US Dept. of Agriculture), and 16 were at private sector hospitals and engineering companies.  Students worked for eight to ten weeks in research labs and they returned from their summer internships energized, more determined, and more focused on their education.    The 36 students placed at the national labs were supported by the Department of Energy’s Community College Initiative and the National Science Foundation Supplemental Funding. See Table IV below for the distribution of internship placement.


Table IV


CSE has helped our college in retaining students, especially from the financially and academically underrepresented minorities, in a science based curriculum and in transferring them to Bachelor level institutions.

Many CSE alumni have completed their baccalaureate degree within two and a half years of transferring and continue on to medical, dental, optometry, pharmacy schools or graduate schools within science and engineering.

What are the Benefits of Joining CSE?


Upon joining CSE, students receive:


      ·         a safe learning environment and study area in Physical Science 107 and 109

·         academic and career mentoring by CCC professors and professionals

·         faculty led workshops in chemistry, physics and mathematics

·         peer tutoring in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and engineering

·         opportunities for community service

·         seminars or presentations by field professionals

·         academic trips to places with science and technology emphasis

·         information on scholarships and research internship opportunities                  

·         monthly stipends for two academic years ($312.50/month, 10 months/academic year) when funding is



Do You Qualify for CSE? 

All CCC students majoring in biological, physical and computer science, mathematics, engineering and technology at Contra Costa College are invited to participate in the CSE program and take advantage of the benefits listed above (# 1-8).

·         enroll at CCC fulltime and take courses as laid out in the educational plan drawn by the counselor

·         plan to transfer to four year schools and obtain a bachelor degree in science, mathematics, engineering or a

certification in technology within three years


·         commit 9 hours per week in a combination of academic activities (3 hours mentor meeting, academic workshops when available, 2 hour tutoring and studying)

·         maintain academic satisfactory status

·          be eligible for fee waivers (determined through the Financial Aid application process, contact its office at CCC), as mandated by our funding agency


Where is CSE located?

CSE office is located in the Physical Science building room 109 at Contra Costa College.
See the campus map and contact information




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