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Programs and Departments

Thank you for your interest in Contra Costa College. Your success can begin here.

Programs of Study
CCC offers degrees and certificates in an extensive list of program majors. Some of these programs are focused on a single academic department, and others draw courses from more than one department. We invite you to explore all of CCC programs of study to find the one that fits you.

College Departments
Courses at CCC are offered through academic departments, and support is provided through Student Services and administrative departments. Faculty and staff in all of these departments are committed to the success of every student who enrolls at Contra Costa College.

Career-Technical Education (CTE) Programs
Often known as vocational or training programs, Career Technical Education at CCC offers degrees and certificates that prepare students to join the workforce immediately upon graduation.

Pre-Collegiate Programs
The sooner a student decides to go to college, the better. CCC offers a variety of opportunities for children and adolescents to learn about college and what it takes to succeed in higher education.

Extra-Curricular Programs
Learning occurs in and beyond the classroom, and CCC offers students an array of experiences outside of the classroom in support of academic and social success. Students find leadership opportunities and new friends through these programs.

Other Academic Programs
CCC offers many programs that provide mentors, opportunities to work on award-winning teams, and structured scheduling to enhance students' college experiences.

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