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This page is an INDEX to the CCC student newspaper (currently named The Advocate, but it had several other names in the early years). Please note that it does not contain the actual text of any of the articles. You will need to read the actual articles on microfilm or CD-ROM using the citation information obtained from your index search.  

  1. Enter a subject or keyword or phrase and press "Enter" on the keyboard.
  2. Write down the complete citation for the article you want, especially the date, page, and column number.
  3. Go to the microfilm storage cabinets and pull the film for the appropriate dates. (IF you want to use the CD-ROMs, you will need to request the one for the needed dates from the staff at the Circulation Desk.
  4. Load the microfilm in the reader/printer machine. PLEASE ASK THE LIBRARIAN ON DUTY FOR ASSISTANCE.
  5. Locate the article using the citation information by scrolling to the correct date, then looking on the page and column listed in the citation. Note that some articles may continue on a subsequent page. 
  6. If you want to print an article on the microfilm machine, please ask the librarian for assistance in focusing, centering, etc.
  7. To do another search, press "Clear" button to removed prior results.

If you have any questions about this process. please ask the librarian on duty at the REFERENCE DESK.