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Contra Costa College is regularly awarded grant funding to create and offer programs to serve our students and community members.  The college appreciates the assistance and support that it receives from federal and state grants and from private foundations.  For example, grant funds have allowed the college to provide outreach to local schools, to develop learning communities, and to provide mentors for college students.  The following grants typify CCC’s grant funded programs:
The Career Technology Education (CTE) department at CCC began the Spring Semester with large numbers enrolled in its F.L.O.W.  training classes.  The funding for the training program comes from the TAA Collaborative Grant, and CCC is the first in this partnership to launch the F.L.O.W. courses.
Through the Lawrence Hall of Science and the National Science Foundation, CCC is sponsoring an NSF grant-funded tutoring program in science and mathematics.  Students from local high schools are participating in the program to build their skills and interest in college math and science
To increase minority students entering the math and science fields, CCC was awarded a grant to help prepare high school students for college and for careers in engineering. The college’s NACME program offers advanced math classes to high school students and a summer intensive math program to get students ready to succeed in college engineering programs.  
The EBCAA is a collaboration of two community college districts (Peralta and Contra Costa) and community organizations working together on a regional approach to workforce development.  The EBCAA sponsors one-semester basic skills programs designed to increase performance levels in reading, writing, and math while also providing participants with entry-level vocational skills in a range of career paths.  Adults between the ages of 18 and 30 are eligible for the Academy, regardless of past educational experiences.  A high school diploma is not required.  Click above to learn about the current class schedules.
In the Academy, students are placed together in groups or "cohorts" of not more than 25.  Students and faculty at each campus form a supportive learning community designed to provide opportunities for successful transition to careers in the sustainable industries of the future.  Students receive assistance with registration, financial aid, counseling, and other services.  Through the Academy's community partners, students can find referrals for transportation, childcare, career assessment, and other services.  Students who complete the academy program are ready for a wide variety of vocational and academic pursuits, in addition to industry-specific training and employment opportunities.
The EBCAA is supported by the following community partners listed below. 

The Contra Costa Community College District competed successfully for stimulus funds awarded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).  This grant is funding initiatives led by Contra Costa College, Diablo Valley College, and Los Medanos College to provide "green" energy and building training certification preparation courses to qualified unemployed and under-employed construction workers in Contra Costa County.  The Contra Costa County and Richmond One-Stop Career Centers recommend potential participants.  Each of the three colleges is offering green building courses and additional courses that best address the needs of their local workforce.

CCC (in partnership with the City of Richmond and Alameda College) is funded by a second Clean Energy Grant that funds classes in "green" automotive technology to underemployed mechanics in the automotive industry.  The college will be offering classes in hybrid/electric car maintenance and repair.  These courses will allow participants to re-enter the workforce with advanced skills that will make them more competitive for employment.

The City of Richmond and the Peralta Community College district partnered with Contra Costa College to fund a program that's part of ATLAS (Transportation and Warehousing) training that will prepare students for the anticipated growth in demand for "supply chain".  The program works closely with the AFL-CIO Teamsters Union and includes training in driving forklift, warehousing administration and logistics, and potentially "green" diesel truck driving certifications.  The City of Richmond has invited the college to offer these courses at the RichmondBuild facilities; qualified students in Richmond will be allowed to take all the courses offered at that facility.
Under the Carl D. Perkins 2008-2012 Act, CCC receives federal funds annually to support career and technical education programs.  Each year CTE faculty have an opportunity to submit proposals to receive these funds.  The funding supports the continued growth, expansion, and improvement of CTE programs and the development of new technical training programs for which there is demand in the workforce.  Past initiatives have included developing new curriculum, purchasing equipment to ensure that students will be job-ready when they graduate.  In addition to focusing on specific disciplines, Perkins funds are utilized to continue the support services to the CTE programs and staff as well as the local workforce community.  These activities include:  professional development activities, curriculum development, marketing, partnership development (including the CTE counselors), contract education development, and new program development.
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