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How to Locate and Understand Your Assessment Scores


You have just completed the assessment portion of the matriculation process.  You should use your assessment results, along with the assistance of a counselor, to help you enroll in the most appropriate math and English courses.


Your assessment is only one measure of your skill level, and you will be asked to consider other measures to aid you in your course selection.  Some of the other measures that may be used include recency of high school graduation and English and math courses completed in high school or at another educational institution. 

Understand Your English Scores

To understand your English results locate your scores on the Reading and Writing Assessment Chart. Your scores will fall into a range.  To the right of your scores, you will see the recommended course placement based on your results. NOTE: Often students place at different levels for reading and writing. If this is the case, please meet with a counselor to determine the best English course for you.

* If you are a non-native speaker of English and have placed below English 1A, you should consider taking the ESL Assessment.


Understanding Your Math Scores


You may have several math scores, as the computerized Compass math assessment is adaptive. For example, you may have an Algebra and a Pre-Algebra test score. To understand your math scores, first locate the appropriate Math Assessment Chart and then locate your score within that chart.  Your score will fall into a range.  To the right of your score, you will see the recommended course placement based on your results. A counselor can assist you in selecting the math course most appropriate for your educational goal.



Understanding Your ESL Scores

The ESL faculty will use your scores to provide a holistic placement into ESL courses based on four components  (1) Reading (2) Grammar (3) Listening and Speaking (4) Writing.  You can view the flow chart to help understand the ESL placement.


After you have established your math, reading and writing placement levels, a counselor will assist you with selecting courses to meet your educational goal.  This process is called developing an educational plan.  This plan becomes a contract between the college and yourself. If you follow the plan established by you and your counselor, you are more likely to successfully complete your goal.


Please note: If you have been in any kind of support classes in high school, you may want to talk to someone in DSPS to make sure you are choosing classes that are appropriate.

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