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How to Give an Investment in your Community?
The Contra Costa College Foundation was established to provide scholarships to students and to support the College's educational and cultural missions in western Contra Costa County. You can play a significant role in the lives of West County students and their College through your donations to the Contra Costa College Foundation.
The student body we serve represents a majority-minority society with no one ethnic group predominant. CCC's service area includes a fascinating mix of urban, suburban, and rural landscapes, and its various socioeconomic levels are equally diverse. We welcome your contribution to the community's only institution of higher education.
Will you make a gift to Contra Costa College and help our students realize their aspirations of becoming productive citizens? We will be happy to further explain any of the gift ideas listed on this page.
Do you have specific ideas about what you would like to see accomplished with your gift? We would love to work with you to insure that your gift is utilized exactly according to your desires and specifications.
The Contra Costa College Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All Foundation activities are directed to the enhancement of the college and support of its students.
Cash Gifts
Gifts in the form of cash are always welcome. Checks may be made payable to the Contra Costa College Foundation.
Stocks & Bonds
These assets are easily transferred to the Contra Costa College Foundation and can offer preferred tax advantages to you.
The donor receives a charitable deduction for the full market value of the property, and avoids all tax on the capital gain. For this reason, it can be to the donor's advantage to contribute securities rather than cash.
Endowed Scholarships
Donors who wish to help students, and at the same time establish a lasting memorial, may endow a scholarship. By definition, an endowed scholarship is one in which the principal remains intact and only the interest is given away each year. Often, these scholarships are named for the donor (or for someone the donor wants to memorialize) and targeted to students in a particular field of endeavor (e.g., The George R. Smith Memorial Biotechnology Scholarship, The Josephine Miller Prize for Excellence in Mathematics). Scholarships may also target students by gender (e.g., for women only) or ethnicity (e.g., for students of a particular heritage).
A minimum contribution of $10,000 will ensure that a scholarship of $500 will be awarded annually, in perpetuity. The Foundation Director will work with the donors to establish the selection criteria for their scholarships and may rest assured that their wishes will be carried out explicitly.
Planned Giving Vehicles can Reduce your Taxes and Provide Charitable Giving Opportunities
By selecting any of the planned giving opportunities listed below, you will join many donors who have already discovered how to maximize the value of their estates, maintain financial security, and ensure the future of the important work carried out through the Contra Costa College Foundation.
  • Bequest
    • At present, my funds are committed, but I want to help the college. How can I do this?
      • Bequests offer the opportunity to give now while paying later. Naming the Contra Costa College Foundation as a beneficiary in your will can enrich the lives of untold generations of students through gifts influencing the future. Wills can be amended through a simple supplement called a codicil without the necessity of redoing the original testament. Your estate will also receive a charitable estate tax deduction for the full amount of the gift. (A Foundation representative will be happy to give general information, provide suggested bequest language, and answer questions, but we cannot offer legal advice. This should be obtained from an attorney or professional advisor.)
  • Lifetime Income
    • How can I make a gift to the college and receive income from it?
      • Such a gift plan is called a deferred or planned gift. There are several ways to contribute funds to the Foundation, receive life-time income, avoid capital gains, and benefit from a charitable income tax deduction. Irrevocable trusts and annuities can provide a future gift to the Foundation, while meeting the present income needs of the donor or even a beneficiary. Several charitable income trusts and annuity programs are available.
  • Life Insurance
    • Can I contribute a life insurance policy?
      • Both term and life policies provide an excellent opportunity to make a contribution to Contra Costa College and realize savings in federal income taxes. Designating the Contra Costa College Foundation as either primary or contingent beneficiary can provide significant future support with a modest investment.
  • Bank Account
    • I have a bank account which I would eventually like to pass on to Contra Costa College. What is the best way to do this?
      • A simple way to provide a future gift is to place the words "in trust for Contra Costa College Foundation" on a bank account or mutual fund account. You continue to retain full ownership and control and can alter or revoke the account at any time.
  • Beneficiary
    • Your will, insurance policy, retirement plan or trust can name the Contra Costa College Foundation as beneficiary. This method of giving permits you to benefit from your assets during your lifetime while making provisions for the Contra Costa College Foundation in the future.


Inkind Gifts

The Contra Costa College Foundation welcomes gifts of equipment, books, software, etc., which can be put to good use by instructors and students. Donors should contact the Foundation to learn whether the proposed non-cash contribution would be appropriate for the college. Timely acknowledgement will be made describing the gift, but the donor is responsible for verifying the value of non-cash property.

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